Bicycle Solutions

Expert Coaching for Confident Cycling


We specialize in new and returning riders of all skill levels, and offer 1-, 2- and 3-student lessons by appointment at several Bay Area locations.   Since 2001 our nationally-certified instructors have taught over 5,000 learners, ages 4 to 77.

We offer three levels of coaching, and can tailor a lesson for your needs:

1 - Learn To Ride At Any Age (off-street): Balancing,  safe and confident starting, stopping, turning and shifting

2 - Bicycle Handling Skills (off-street): A "skills refresher" plus scanning, hand-signaling, and lane-changing

3 - Ride-Along Coaching (on-street): "Bicycle driving" for safe and confident riding between and through intersections

NOTE: The bicycle parking and storage business formerly also operated as Bicycle Solutions has a new name and website: Bicycle Parking Solutions.