FAQ & Rates

Q: Am I too old to learn how to ride a bike?

A: If you can stand on one leg for 15 seconds you can almost certainly learn to ride confidently. Since 2001 we've taught over 5,000 students, ages 4 to 77.

Q: How long does it take to learn?  How long is the lesson?

A: Learning rates vary. Most adults are pedaling in one 2-hour lesson and master all "Level 1" (basic bike handling) skills in 2 lessons. For a first lesson we suggest 2 hours for adults and older teens, 90 minutes for young teens and pre-teens, and 60-75 minutes for younger kids.

Q: Where are lessons available?

A: We meet clients throughout the inner Bay Area, at schools and parking lots we've used for years.

Q: Is this 1-on-1 or a group class?

A: We offer 1-, 2- and 3-student lessons by appointment.

Q: What are your rates, and how can I pay?

A: Private (1-on-1) lessons are $100/hour.  2-student lessons are $80/hour per student ($160/hour), and 3-student $65/hour per student ($195/hour).

Time is charged by the quarter-hour, 1-hour minimum.  Payment is required on site at the end of the lesson.  (We prefer payment at the end of the lesson, to enable adjusting the lesson duration if needed.) 

We prefer Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay, and also accept cash and personal checks.  If you need to use a credit card, please pay in advance (when booking) using PayPal.  We also offer Gift Certificates (see below).

Q: Do you provide bikes for first-time riders?

A: Yes, for all ages. Let us know if you are over 5'-10'.  If you have a bike, feel free to bring it. We bring tools for adjustments. Please bring your own helmet.

Q: Will my bike work for the lesson?

A: For new learners, a bike you can sit on with both feet flat on the ground is best. A hand-brake is best because we remove pedals for learning to balance. More experienced bicyclists should have a bike where the seat can be raised to tip toe length or beyond.

Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?

A: Yes, via our FullSlate booking system (PayPal payment).  Your recipient receives a certificate via email with a redemption code for booking a lesson.

Q: Can you donate a lesson for my school's fundraising event?

A: Yes -- please contact us.